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Raw Ego is a creative animation studio specializing in transforming commercial messages into engaging motion design. Using digital animation to make information more accessible and entertaining.  Raw Ego is a promise to me and you to get straight into people's hearts. To get to the point in the most imaginative way.

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People yearn for authentic experiences but also love recognizable brands. So to make a difference is to have your unique set of values transformed in unexpected ways. We develop made to measure personalities through innovative moving images. Showing fun worlds while telling a concise story.  That's bespoke animation.


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2D explainer movies

Animations tell a story in an effective and engaging way.

Being a style master combined with technical prowess gives the freedom to create custom made concepts and visuals.

We put your brand values into new perspectives to enrich your message. It will bring you closer to your client and distinguish you from your competitors.

It’s a wildly flexible medium that can vary from abstract motion graphics to figurative illustrations and is easily moldable to different goals.

3D product visualization

The advantages of a virtual product are clear. Cheaper, faster and easier to update than photography.

Not only usable for print or stills but also a base to be used in different platforms from explainer movies to interactive models.

It’s our opinion that visualisations don’t live in a vacuum as they often do. It is important to create a link with the product to make it come alive and be in line with other means of communications.

Stage graphics

The overarching name for animations that are used at trade shows, keynotes, podium shows and museums.

It is characterized by extremely varying screen formats. Gigantic LED screens, stacked beamers or tens of connected monitors.

We consult on how the content is optimally shown. We can pre-visualize shows and do on the spot testing for the best impact.

Interactive animation

Animations are no longer just linear movies. It’s now possible to add interaction to the graphics.

VR customer journeys, trying out 3d products in your browser, live talking avatars, graphics that adjust to data or animations on your site that react to your mouse.

Give the visitor the possibility to find more information and more entertainment to keep him engaged longer.


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Audi, Mercedes, MKB brandstof, TomTom, CBR, ANWB, NS


Degiro, ABN-Amro, Interbank, Pricewise, Kredietbank


Centraal beheer, Interpolis


Cisco, Amazon, Hiber, Tech Data, Fuji, Philips, Rackspace, Saeco, Tele2, AKG, Canon


KPMG, Brunel, Nuon, Oakridge


NEMO, Corpus, Vught, Letterkundig


Albert Heijn, Ahold,  Lassie, LIDL, Blueband, Heineken, HEMA, Chocomel


Bayer, Roter


Mtv, WNL, EBBA, Koninklijk concertgebouw orkest, Paradiso, Nederlands songfestival



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Context. History matters to us. Nothing is build in a vacuum and if it is, it is incomprehensible. So none of that. Together we set the initial boundaries. Sounds restrictive but gives focus for a deep dive.

RnD. Being able to create technical solutions makes it possible to be free of worries if ideas and visuals are  achievable. Houdini 3d has become our go to visual problem solver software next to Cinema 4d, Fusion and Afx.

Graphic_design. The abstract component that structures the movie visually. It creates the general flow to base the animations on. Icons and typography round out the balance between explicit and subliminal infor-mation.

Motion.  For us this is where everything comes together. Everything we love in perfect harmony. 2d, 3d or even better a mix. Relentless creativity creating quality work.

Oplevering.  Last but not least. International distri-bution of TV spots. Video processors for LED screens. VR assets for Unity. 360 movies for socials. Don't worry, we got this. 

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Concept. Within the context we create the coat hanger to hang the story, visuals and audio on. A bullet proof idea that sparks inspiration for the other parts of the project.

Copy. From the initial idea the actual story needs to be written and translated into a story-board with a voice-over. 

Illustration. The figurative component and the fastest way to emotionally connect with people. If graphic design is a link to your brain then illu-stration is it to your heart.

Geluid. The other 50% of the movie. Music, effects and voice-overs. We work with some of the most profound Amsterdam studio's.



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Sander Lipmann is the founder and motion director of Raw Ego. He has been working in the design and advertising business for over 20 years. Gaining experience at leading ad and online agencies and founding father of several graphic- and motion design studio's. A leading advocate in the field of motion graphics since it's inception. Involved with and lead countless award-winning projects. Sander's goal is to create moving images that marry concept, design, technique, and marketing to one potent and easily digestible product. Strong ideas and executions that work on multiple platforms. Sander takes on full projects but is also a gun for hire to create all things motion, ranging from concepts to the creation of 2 and 3D visuals.



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Like to see or hear more? I have many a good story to tell, opinions a plenty and ideas by the dozen. So pick up that talking box and we will make history.

Raw Ego

Sander Lipmann


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